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5 tips on how to save money on your next food shop

As the cost of living crisis continues, families across the country are trying to find ways to save as much money as they can. Whether it's food or fuel, households are facing higher bills in all aspects of their daily lives. For those who aren’t able to use our services, here are some tips to help you for your next food shop.

Set a budget

Creating a budget could make your money go further. Try to think about what you actually need for the next week and take a look at what you already have. This way you’re only spending money on what you actually need. In addition, by checking your last transactions and receipts you can gauge an estimate of how much you spend on a regular basis. An important part of budgeting is making sure the amount you set yourself is realistic, this way you are more likely to stick to it. If you find yourself with some money left over, you could even keep it aside to contribute to your next shop. Every little helps!

Swapping branded products

By swapping your favourite name brands to your supermarket own branded items, you could save a significant amount of money on your next shop. Own brands often do taste as good as branded products and this will save you thousands in a year!

Go to the reduced section first

The next time you’re at your local supermarket keep an eye out for the reduced section. Head for this section first as you may find something from your shopping list and tick it off, whilst saving some money. Buying reduced items helps supermarkets save on food wastage and helps your wallet stay happy.

Make better use of the freezer

According to Greenly, over 30% of household food was wasted in the last year, so making better use of your freezer could help save money and the planet. In addition, purchasing frozen meats, fish and vegetables will more often than not, be cheaper than fresh produce. You can also freeze foods that are close to their use by dates and therefore reduced, to give them a longer shelf life. Last but not least, remember to freeze those leftovers!

Keep track of what you have already

Take a good look at your cupboards, cabinets, fridges and freezers and check what you have in. Many of us can forget what we already have and may buy more food items we do not need. So double checking what you already have may save you some coins. Plus, this is also a really good way of preventing food waste which is better for your wallet, belly and the planet. Win win…win!

With a little bit of strategic pre-planning, there are many ways to save money for your next shopping trip. We hope these tips can help you think more consciously about how to save through the cost of living crisis and become a happy shopper.


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