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It’s supper club season again!


We are very excited about our upcoming fundraising event at the beautiful Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall, on 17th of November. Join us and enjoy a delicious 3-course vegetarian dinner cooked by our amazing chefs and help us to raise funds for our monthly community meals cooked with and for local people in Brixton using food surplus from local businesses.

Book a ticket now – contact Sylvie:

During the meal, you will hear live music from local singer Amaziah and inspiring stories from our speakers about food surplus and innovative ways of preventing food from going to waste.

With great quality produce being received on the day, our menus are always a surprise (even for our chefs!) but we can guarantee that you’ll be astounded by the delicious feasts that can be put together with a sprinkle of imagination.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Brixton People’s Kitchen that host free community feasts around Lambeth on a mobile kitchen to raise awareness about food surplus, to build people’s skills and confidence in cooking with fresh fruit and vegetables, and, because they believe that sharing food with strangers is one of the nicest ways to spread happiness!

To read about what happened at our previous supper club, have a look here.

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