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Its all coming to a sunny end ….

Yes, its true after 5 years of delivering delicious meals at Myatts Fields Depo and Park we are finishing our stint on the 20th of August 2016 with one final Saturday summer meal in the park.

Its been a great year since Be Enriched took hold of the reins, steering BPK into doing more events, linking in with the local community Market, ‘It’s Your Local’, and even expanding into catering to bring in vital funds. We increased our meals to twice a month to allow for more volunteers to come, share and learn about reducing waste and educated many young people and children in the area and given them tasty vegetables to eat. Sigh….

So we hope you can join us to cook or to eat in the park on that sunny day. We have blankets and we’ll have surplus deliciousness, we need you and your pals. Hola back and pop on down.

NB: BPK ending in Myatts Fields as it is going to be refurbished with a spanking new kitchen, eating space and easier access. Re-opening in Spring next year and then we’ll be back. In the meantime follow us on twitter: @brixtonpk or instagram: to see where we go next…..

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