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Never throw a banana away again! Lisa’s super quick and super cheap ice cream recipe.

It’s snowing. Hardly a weather for ice cream. Still, I thought I would share this magically simple recipe, which I learned from Lisa, the most cheerful mum on earth. I visited Lisa on a recent trip to Iceland (the country, not the supermarket), and we got talking. About food. And about bananas.


Lisa’s banana ice cream, with a spoon of strawberry ice cream on top. Made in the same way. Freeze fresh fruits, mix with coconut milk, serve.

Together with apples and potatoes, bananas are the most frequent fresh ingredient we get donated. Brown bananas. A lot of them. Perfect for cakes. But we’ve made kilos of banana cakes, liters of banana smoothie, and tons of fruit salads. So, here is a (literally) refreshing recipe.

Your bananas are getting brown, and you don’t like mushy fruits? Don’t bin them. Peel them, slice them, and store them in the freezer. When it tickles your fancy, take the quantity needed out, and blend them in a food processor, with a bit of coconut milk. THAT’S IT!

You don’t even need sugar! And it tastes amazing! Of course, you can experiment by adding honey, cinnamon, mint, or whatever pleases you, but the simpler the tastier, really. It’s super cheap and super quick.

So, next time you are about to chuck away a brown banana, think again!

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