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Rice balls, Ginger juice and a Secret Sailing Club.

2013-03-04 21.23.14

There are a few reasons why we are putting so much (free) energy into the Brixton People’s Kitchen. And one of them is the joy of when it works really well. Monday night brought us such joy, and most of us are still surfing on the wave of good energy that a wonderful combination of food, music and confined space created.

For most of us, it was the first time cooking for actual customers, let alone running a restaurant! Our super talented cooks improvised a delicious 3 courses meal with surplus ingredients we had collected over the weekend. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun too. We were also able to enjoy a bit of downtime listening to the sweet music of the Secret Sailing Club. All in all, the Bonnington Café is an excellent venue, and we hope we can be back there sometime soon.

Big thank you to Charlie, Suzanna and Marie for making it happen and supporting us throughout the evening.

Massive thanks to our cooks Alice, Tom, Emma and Raphael, and to Gisli for his perfect homemade ginger juice.

And well done to our kitchen helpers and one-night waitresses Johanna, Camilla and Fan.

See more photos here.

2013-03-04 21.32.38

2013-03-04 21.31.49

2013-03-04 21.23.46

2013-03-04 22.23.13
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