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See you this Sunday in Myatt’s Fields!


Come and join us in Myatt’s Fields Park this Sunday 19 May, for yet another feast cooked from surplus food, and, if you haven’t yet done so, check out our newly built bike kitchen! We will also have some live music!

Please, let us know in advance if you want to volunteer as a cook, or help with the food collection. Contact Camilla: 07884418319 –

12-3pm COOK! If you can chop, pick, stir, peel, wash, grate, serve, or smile, you’re in! Please let us know in advance if you would like to volunteer, as cooking places are limited.

3-6pm EAT! Join the communal table and make new friends. Food will be served up on a donations basis. Put what you can or will into the pot, or feel free to eat for free! We will serve until the food runs out, so we recommend you arrive early to avoid any disappointment.

We will be at the depot kitchen, by the greenhouses. Please bring food containers, in case there are an leftovers!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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