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The food we make

Almost all the food we use is rescued from going into landfill despite being perfectly good for consumption. The ingredients we use are collected from a number of local shops, that cannot sell them anymore, because they are passed their Best Before date, or because they are a bit too ripe. As our parents and grandparents know, brown bananas make terrific banana bread, mushy apples are perfect for crumbles, and soft tomatoes make delicious salsa!

All the food we make is vegetarian. This is to avoid the health risks associated the consumption of “out of date” meat and fish, as well as in a spirit of inclusiveness. The eggs and dairy products we use are donated fresh to us by the Cooperative supermarket, on Camberwell New Road.

The recipes are improvised on the spot, with the ingredients we get on the day, and born from the collaboration between strangers.

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