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We converted our cafe into a shop in the heart of North Lambeth 

You can purchase 15 items for £10.


Comparatively £5-£10 cheaper than a similar shop with leading supermarkets.

How much does it cost?


While the country continues to battle against COVID-19 we've transformed our Community Cafe to accommodate a local space for people to pick up the essentials; fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese, bread, eggs and store cupboard staples like pasta and rice. You are able to choose 15 items with a suggested donation of £10. 

People in real need can do a free shop. We like to help out.



MON - SAT  10AM - 4PM

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So, what can you buy?

At the BPK Community Shop, we are proud to say that we stock an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here are a few items out of many that you are likely to find on our shelves:

Apples, pears, bananas, oranges, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, dried and fresh herbs, tomatoes, chillis, peppers, aubergine, butternut squash, mushrooms, sweetcorn, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, courgette, red &

white onions.


On top of this, we also have your essentials, such as milk, free-range eggs, butter and bread. Plus, your cupboard staples! Such as:

Pasta, rice, lentils, salt & pepper, sunflower oil, baked beans, corned beef, (and a huge selection of tins, including tuna!)

So, once you've filled your trolley with some tasty and fresh ingredients we also have lots of toiletries and household products to keep you going. Some of these are:

Toilet roll, tissues, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Dove soap, laundry tablets, bleach, washing up liquid and sanitary products (which are free.)




Where are we?

All shops are £10 regardless of how many items you buy. This way we are able to cover our costs and continue to serve the community.

Crowd with Masks
Crowd with Masks
Crowd with Masks

Who can shop with us?


Everyone and anyone is welcome at our community shop. We will take your name and phone number/email address so that we have you in our records. You can use the shop twice a week and we look forward to meeting you!  

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What if I don't need 15 items?

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