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A guest blog by volunteer Ilana

A (not) so long time ago, in a neighbourhood not far away…



It is a period of unprecedented waste wars. Rebel individuals, striking from various bases, are winning victories against the immense amounts of food that would otherwise been thrown away. During the latest battle, the People Empire’s ultimate weapon is leading the fight. With enough power to feed dozens of people at a time, Brixton People’s Kitchen (BPK) is racing aboard a culinary starship, custodian of plans that can save surplus food and restore a healthy balance in this food galaxy…

Why the Star Wars intro?

It’s Sunday night and my flatmates are watching Episode III…. I’ve just spent the afternoon volunteering at Brixton PK. It was my fourth battle inside the BPK starship.

Today’s battle

One on side: A huge quantity of carrots, a lot of potatoes, cabbage, bananas, a bundle of onions, boxes of rocket, apples, melons, red bell peppers, courgettes, delicious cherry tomatoes, some avocados, three lemons, fennels and two random Japanese aubergines.

On the other: seven volunteers, armed with kitchen utensils and a few extra ingredients to spice things up.

It started with a group of BPK taking on the carrots which were particularly resistant as it took a lot of strenuous effort and dedication to peel them all. Others took on the fleet of fruit frigates and chopped them into a juicy salad.

The courgettes, tomatoes, bell peppers, aubergines and a portion of onions all suffered a similar fate: turned into a colourful pasta sauce. The potatoes were conquered by a single volunteer and transformed into two different potato salads. The cabbage cavalry joined forces with grated carrot infantry but were defeated and ended up as somewhere between a stir-fry and a coleslaw.

And while all of this what happening, Rob (who passed by the kitchen earlier in the day and just decided to offer a (very) helping hand) acted as the lone fighter, getting involved in several different parts of the food battle.

The outcome

Food waste was defeated. Stomachs were fed. The Lion and his Cub (that’s the band’s name) played some tunes to celebrate.  And everyone left feeling full and merry.

Written by Ilana Taub. Check out Ilana’s blog here:

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