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Guest post: The People’s Kitchen in Stockwell


This week, we changed settings once again, and visited a group of creative women from diverse European and African countries in Saint Stephens children’s centre in Stockwell.

Here is what Leila, Community Development Coordinator at Stockwell Partnership says about the event:

“After a lovely, sunny bank holiday weekend, I had high hopes of good weather for Stockwell Partnership’s first event working with Brixton People’s Kitchen. Although that was not to be, the rain didn’t put a dampener on our first of four community meals in Stockwell.

As Stockwell Partnership works a lot with parents through our bilingual advocacy, we decided to host our first event at St Stephen’s Children’s Centre. Our cooking team was made up of women from the UK, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Poland. We were also joined by two curious Mums who had come to St Stephens for the mothers and toddlers group.

The day began with an introduction to the Brixton People’s Kitchen. Volunteers were fascinated to see the mobile kitchen on a bike and to hear that the array of food they would be cooking with would otherwise have been thrown away. Looking at the fresh veg and fruit that had been collected, the group came up with a menu and volunteered to cook different dishes.


There was lots of energy, a little trepidation and plenty of ideas sharing as our cooks got to work. It’s a very different experience to the way people may be used to cooking, with no recipes and definitely no ready meals. There’s a lot of creativity required in turning the 45kg of fresh fruit and veg into a healthy meal.

However, the group embraced the challenge and created a feast consisting of vegetable soup, ratatouille, aubergine fritters, pasta sauce, and roast peppers, followed by fruit salad and plum crumble.

We are looking forward to our next event, which will be in June at Larkhall One O’Clock Club.”

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