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February Half Term Kids Club with Be Enriched!

With Valentine’s Day halfway through the month, this February at BPK was all about celebrating love, food and friendship. We teamed up with our sister charity, Be Enriched, to run an action-packed Kids Club for children and families in Wandsworth.

We hosted the event at the Living Room Place on Thrale Road, in Furzedown. In this cosy place, we provided crafts and activities for kids, and coffee and a space to socialise for their guardians. In true BPK style, there were delicious and nutritious snacks for everyone!

Despite this being our first kids club event in Furzedown, we were delighted with the amount of children and their families who came to craft with us! We saw more than twenty-five children over the course of the day, which was a huge success!

Our Kids Club was a fantastic opportunity for parents to relax and socialise, knowing that their children were safe and doing the same. Children made friends, snacked, and crafted all afternoon - some even had a dance to our Valentine’s Day playlist! Children and adults alike went home happy after a day of refreshments and fun - and with some gifted playdough as an additional half term treat!

We were thrilled to connect more with Furzedown residents and offer a free coffee and crafts session for families during half term. We love these events, and hope to continue them with Wandsworth in the future. It was amazing working with Be Enriched, and we loved sharing food and love this February. We can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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