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Our new community shop and cafe is coming soon!

Written by Fazela Khatun

Brixton People’s Kitchen community shop and cafe will be returning soon to Lambeth Walk, offering people affordable, healthy ingredients and a place where the community can get together again.

BPK sadly lost our last home eighteen months ago, after we were evicted due to high rent costs that were unaffordable. Since then, we have organised different activities to support people in Lambeth where and when possible, such as Supper Clubs, HAF Events, and Packed Lunch Pickups.

We are so excited to begin renovations on our new space within the coming months, and to open our doors again to the local community.

As the cost of living crisis continues, leading to further food poverty, the demand for hubs like BPK are at an all time high. Food price inflation continues to rise for the thirteenth consecutive month to 13.1%, according to statistics released by the Food Foundation. The cost of living crisis is forcing people to tighten their shopping budgets, which often leads to reduced nutritional quality and smaller portion sizes.

That's why we need your help with our new home. We need donations to help fund the renovations of the new BPK community shop and cafe so that the people within the community who need it most can access nutritious and affordable food in these uncertain times.

Any donations, no matter how small, are hugely appreciated. If you can’t donate, even a reshare of our content on social media helps us spread awareness of our renovation plans and return to a community space. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and attended all the community events held since the loss of our previous premises. We can’t wait to see you soon!


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